Saturday, January 17, 2009

Chandni Chowk to China

First things first. The first full promo gave me hints about the confusion in the film. And after a first few not-so-encouraging reviews, I lost whatever expectations I had from the film what-so-ever (they still existed due to the names of Shridhar Raghavan and Nikhil Advani in the crew)
So by that context, Chandni Chowk is not so much of a letdown anyways. I knew what I was going in for.
However, when I realised how nice the story was actually, It really pissed off to see the virtual mess they’d created of it as the film moved on.

Honestly, I don’t mind nonsense. I can take the most unbelievable of action scenes, but they (along with the rest of the narrative) must be done with honest intentions.
The biggest problem with CC2C is, it doesn’t know what it wants to do. I quite enjoyed the first half. For all its silly antics, It did tickle my funny bone. And after 20 years of tolerating hindi film's most typical drama, I was pleasantly surprised by how nicely Akshay reacted in Mithun’s death scene.

But then, He talks about A Bruce lee’s mother in every Indian kitchen, and all kinds of round objects like Eggs, – just to refer to an unmentionable place of our body.
I couldn’t believe the same guy wrote Khakee and Bluffmaster. Or the same guy directed Kal Ho Naa ho (or did he ??)

Coming to the better parts, I really liked the Ad Spoof scene as much as Akki’s dance in the gadget dance. But when it comes to not-so-light scenes where the film takes itself seriously, We’re forced not to.

Akki is loud, he makes stupid faces, he says his lines in the silliest of manners – but he still makes us laugh. That’s his power today. But its high time he uses this power for better roles which help me grow as an actor.

There’re so many huge jumpcuts in the story, that Your mind starts looking for a reason by itself. Its an out ‘n’ out masala film, no doubts. But There are better ways to execute it. Tashan and Jhoom Barabar Jhoom are really two better examples in case.

Nothing else is worth a mention, except for the hi-fi action sequences which I honestly speaking didn’t mind watching. Wish most of it was as exciting.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Junoon (1978)

Shyam Benegal is a director who's said to have brought a new phase in hindi cinema in the mid 70s, and given it a new dimension altogether. Unfortunately, I had as yet only seen his films from the latter part of his career like Suraj ka Saatwan Ghoda, Mammo, Zubeidaa & Welcome to Sajjanpur, the latter 3 of which were not realy appreciated by critics.

Also, I remembering reading in FILMFARE long ago that It won many awards at Filmfare in 1979. So When I decided to watch Junoon, I surely was expecting a fine piece of cinema.
And I got that exactly!

Junoon is a riveting tale of love, conflict and vindication set in India of 1857 which was then ruled by the British. A few Mughals led by Sarfaraz (Naseeruddin Shah) attack the Britishs residing there, killing many and forcing the rest to flee away. Three of them are Mariam (Jennifer Kendall), her daughter Ruth (Nafisa Ali) and grand-ma. They find a shelter but soon are found out by Sarfaraz's brother-in-law Javed (Shashi Kapoor).

Interestingy, Javed fancies Ruth and hence gives them shelter against the tide of hatred for British. But the problem is - He is a Married man, and a Muslim to that.

How Mariam and her family survives the crisis and at what cost forms the crux of the story.

Benegal effectively blended the turbuent period setting and the convulated love story between two people from different stratas. Initially, the slow pace did put me off to some extent. But as the story progressed, It became more gripping by every scene. And before the last segment, I realised the conceit behind the film title.

The ambience is so disturbing, that nothing seems to be in one's control. Amidst such chaos takes birth an infatuation that is as uncontrollable. Ruth's nightmares very well reflect the scary surrounding She's forced to adapt in refuge. And at heart, Junoon speaks of human emotions and explores relationships with compelling underlines.

And above all, Junoon certainly has one of the most interesting ensemble casts I've ever seen.
The cameos in the film bear testimony to the blind faith Actors had in Benegal. Naseeruddin Shah appears in an impressive though a minor role, while if you don't pay attention, You may just as well overlook the very talented Deepti naval.

But the biggest delight was to see Shashi Kapoor and Shabana Azmi together in roles that did justice to their talent. Even Shabana had a lesser screen time, but she makes a huge impact with her portrayal of insecure but possessive Firdaus. For those who've adored Shashi Kapoor in his flamboyant roles, They gotta see this to realise what He is capable of.

However, the most impacting performance from the lot comes from Shashi Kapoor's wife Jennifer. She hits just the right notes as the suffering mother. Sushma Seth deserves a mention too!

The camera work is effective. There's a riveting moment where Cameraman Govind Nihlani (who'd later go on to make cults himself like Ardh satya, Aakrosh, Drohkaal etc.) used red in as gritty way as possible. It adds to the feel of the movie.

This was one of the earliest Shyam Benegal movies, and that passion and eagerness to exhibit his story-telling prowess reflects in every scene. Now ofcourse He's mallowed down after so much of accomplishment and moved to lighter subjects and lesser complex ones.
So if anyone wants to educate himself about the early Parallel cinema and Benegal's ambitious film-making, Junoon would make for a convincing watch!

P.S. - For those who thought Lagaan was the first and only movie where Rajesh Vivek (who later enquired SRK about Internet in Swades) cursed the British rule, He appears here in a similar avtaar in two scenes (only in a more disturbing shade) and leaves an imprint. Have a look...

Ghajini :

With the rise of this decade, Our Mr. Perfectionist has raised his bar to such a extent that We dont expect anything less than a must-watch from him. So There is a mild tinge of disappointment at the end of it all.

But then, Aamir Khan is probably the most important reason You'd like to go for it again. Ghajini can be safely called as Aamir's show-reel. He has played this clever trick of going for the schizopheric act required (just like SRK tried a few weeks ago), and has done a simply marvellous job. In his normal self, He is so laid-back in his performance that you never feel he's acting.

And in his tranformed part, He is anything but natural. He hams to the gallery and simply walks away with the show. All he needed was to roar at the top of his voice, and it'd do the magic. But the fact that He actually shouts in a no-holds-barred aura makes his playing-to-the-gallery stuff highly exciting. I bet if anyone could do it as effectively.

Keep him aside, and Your interest in the film would be half as much. However, The director uses his safe style. He narrates the story with such great speed (Editor, take a bow!) that You don't even get a second to notice all those innumerable loopholes. The movie is slick, pacey and helluva entertaining. Yes, There are certain parts where the tone goes overboard or tried to blackmail emotionally. But then, You can trust Aamir to bring it back on path.

Supporting him quite ably is Asin as a whiff of fresh air. One may get annoyed to see her making so many faces in comic scenes. But She simply stuns with her approach in emotional moments post-interval.

For me, The weakest link was the standard Evil guy played quite weakly by Mr. Rawat. He goes for this loud note, and it isnt really impressive.

A.R.Rahman's Music realy stands out on his own, though he isnt anywhere near his best.
The film looks really tacky in many scenes. And How I wish the action in the finale was kept a tad lesser over-the-top. Never mind, One won't get bored and what more can one ask for ??

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blog re-incarnated!

Hey all!

Here's an attempt to start this blog from a new end. I am inspired for this because of ‘Beth’ and ‘Memsaab’ about whom I came to know through FILMFARE. I dont know them, but after reading their blogs, I am certainly a more knowledged person. :)

I've loved hindi films ever since I can remember. And in the recent times, It has almost become a necessity.
Thanks to Orkut and such precious friends i Got through it, I learnt so much more about Hindi films and developed a better perspective for watching them.

However, I hardly had any time to watch many films, ever since I joined college. I'd just catch up on the new releases, and once in a while go back to my all-time favourites.

But now, I have decided not to compromise anymore. Life is too short for such big sacrifices.
So, I will try my best to keep in touch with movies of all eras, and watch one movie atleast in every 2-3 days.
And not to forget, write about them out here.. :)

Hoping to have a great time ahead in this newly found shelter, where all my crazy thoughts on Movies can rest in peace.

My Moviegraph.. the Show Must Go On!

Here, I will list the movies I have seen.. since the rise of 2009!



Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Fav. Films of 2008...

Okay then. Its 2009 now, and Everyone's revisiting the last year in some way or the other. So Why leave this lovely blog behind ??
(In this way, Even I get a chance to post in this much-avoided blog. Yippie!)

This Post is to all those Charming Movies I saw this year which swept me off my feet and took me to their dreamland I loved touring.

1. Jodha Akbar
The most fascinating factor about this gem of a film was its blend of Granduer and Simplicity, and It charmed me like anything.
And Then I have my favourite people like Hrithik and Rahman at their Prime. No wonder I saw it twice.

2. Jaane tu ya Jaane Na
Again, There was this perfect balance of Innocence and Contemporary being. The Movie was like a breath of fresh air, despite its cliched plot. Now thats what I call Clever writing.
P.S. - I am Glad now the Entire Youth adores Genelia as much as I do. :)

3. Rock On!
It struck a chord somewhere. It gave me a reason to dream against hopes all over again, and I will cherish the movie for this sole reason forever. :)
Plus, We had Shankar Ehsaan Loy redefining Rock Music in Hindi films. and How!

4. Oye Lucky Lucky Oye
I simply love such kind of Wit and Humour, I tell. With all its nods to the eccentricities of the Delhhites, Lower middle-class and Zany Dreamers, I just loved Oye Lucky Lucky Oye.
Plus, I really like to see Abhay Deol living upto my expectations time & again. Lets see what he's upto with 'DEV D'...

5. Aamir
This movie took me to the dingy lanes of Mumbai, And to the fanatics residing there. I watched it, and I thought and thought and thought. And Then I realised the Director has done his Job.
Too good! :)

6. Mithya
I saw it only recently, and as I heard from someone; It has this Shakespearan tragic quality that swept me off my feet. I especially like the fact that It comes from a bunch of not-so-popular-or-powerful people who just have faith in Good cinema, and give their Bestest efforts for its sake. Hats off!

7. Welcome to Sajjanpur
Sattire is at its Best when its with Humour. Shyam Benegal took a dig at the inner veins of our Country in a lighter note with endearing humour and a pitch-perfect ensemble cast, and I was smiling my way through those 2 and a half hours.

8. Mumbai Meri Jaan
Despite its over-empathetic tone, Mumbai Meri Jaan remains a very thought-provoking film. Its made even more special by bringing actors like Paresh Rawal, Kay Kay Menon and R. Madhavan under one roof. I so very liked that!

9. A Wednesday
A taut thriller, it had A Clever story-telling pattern and Awesome performance from Naseer-ud-din Shah raises this film much higher than its level. It connects to an ordinary man's fears, and thats where It scored an extra Brownie point.

10. Ghajini & Rab ne Banaa di Jodi
I really couldt choose one from these two Biggest Flicks of the year which came only at the last, like the Emperors. ;)
Though I liked the latter one more for it gave a chance to My fav. Personality to Do normal things and not be the Super-hero that he usually is, I liked the former for it gave my Fav. Actor a chance to show He can do what the other Superstars can, to lure the masses alike. :)

Special mention - Khuda Ke Liye
It is such an irony that between innumerable Hindi films ranging from Pathetic to Very Good, Here came a film from the Other side of the Border which raced past them all.
Khuda ke Liye spoke about the various facets of a Mohammedian and I must say, I wasnt hit so hard by many other Movies. Absolutely marvellous piece of work.

In a strange way, Amidst this ominpresent hatred for Terrorists who hail from Pakistan, a few people out have made my Movie-watching experience much more memorable. :)


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2002 : A Love Story

Finally, I decide and Manage to Update my blog on Movies. Its been quite a long time I visited this page myself, so I thought the Comeback should be something special. ;)
So I wondered, Why not do something that proves to be an exercise for me to jog my memory cells, have some fun writing and at the same time have a good nostalgia trip.

WARNING: Very long, self-indulgent post coming up. Strictly avoidable for those who cannot take Bollywood in large doses.

I have grown up on a regular diet of Hindi Fillums. But It was in 2002, that My love for Movies reaches a greater heights and I actually started taking them very seriously. So I thought to revisit the year 2002 - that was in Hindi Cinema. I've tried my best to revisit all the films that year in a humourous manner. And since Most of my friends have grown up in a simiar era that I did, I felt this may just as well interest all of you even a li'l bit, if not as much as It did to me. After all, You too have your share of Movie memories of your childhood and teens. :)
Hope you guys, who've just crossed that Warning boundary line, enjoy this. Here goes ;)

1. Aakheer
I cant recollect any movie with such a title. Strange.

2. Aankhen
This was the time when Amitabh had just begun to steal shows.. all over again. And it was probably the first time I remember really liking Akshay’s performance.

Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage
All the hype of Hrithik-Ameesha-Uncle Rajesh team coming back fizzed out within 3 days of its release as Vikram Bhatt came crashing down after the mega-success of Raaz. I personally couldn’t sit through more than half an hour.

Ab ke Baras
There was a director called Raj Kanwar who used to make such mushy sweet films that even Rats would refuse to watch them. It was Raj Babbar’s Son’s debut (yea, the same guy who played Abhishek’s brother-in-law in Guru).
But I guess People will remember it for it was also the debut of the dainty Amrita Rao. What a pity!

Supposed to be inspired by Mahabharatha, This one had Amitabh in the guest role of Bhishma (He was still making up for ABCL’s losses) and Raveena among many others. It went straight over the head. I just remember Prabhu deva’s wild and scary look.

Akhiyon Se Goli Maare
Govinda was to make this Grand comeback through this Harmesh Malhotra flick. No one knew when it came and went. Chi chi joined politics, while Raveena suddenly realised her marital responsibilites.
P.S. – I saw this movie on a day before its release. On cable, Piracy rocks! :D

Talking to comebacks, This was Vinod Kambli’s attempt to shot back to fame. His friend Shetty Anna gave him a chance, also convincing Sanju baba for an appearance.
I still am searching this one’s trace. Any one ??

I Guess it had Shama Sikander before she decided to get freaky about films in TV soaps and Abbas (don’t ask who). Don’t blame me if I Didn’t dare to watch it.

Awara Paagal Deewana
I remember my stomachs aching after a long time, as much as the humour was all-that-nonsense. This was the official show of Paresh Rawal crowned as the new Comedy King, beating Johnny Lever in front of his eyes.

Badhai ho Badhai
Anil Kapoor Put on weight, and We lost some. But only when the film ended, with a Heavy sigh of relief! The intermediotory period .. Less said the better.
I think this is the last joint venture of Anil and Satish Kaushik. Not such a surprise.

Bend it like Beckham
Probably the first crossover film We had. Sheer delight.

Chalo Ishq Ladaye
One must salute the director for making oh-so-girl-next-door Rani Mukherji look downright tacky. May be it was Govinda’s multi-color costumes that did the trick. Sigh!

It won a nomination for Editing, and I remember my Mummy quipping ‘May be kuch jyaada hi edit ho gayi ki dekh bhi nahi paaye’
I so agree with Mummy at times…

Chor Machaye Shor
I remember Paresh Rawal interview around this film came, where he called Dhawan as a blend of Hrishi da and Basu chatterjee.
After I saw the film, I realised why Rawal is known as the Best comedian in town.

RGV has never been so typical of himself – ever before, ever again. It also had a certain Vivek (Or Viveik? ah whatever) oberoi making a debut in a hatke role and winning all the accolades. How some things change, na?

No wonder I didn’t know about it…. Sometimes, the title says it all.

It was Devgan’s year. He chewed Akshaye (Khanna, if you please) in every frame he featured. And However commercial the film ultimately became, It still gives nice memories of a wiser and more creative Anees Bazmee.

Dash devi
Duh ??

Was more in the news for being the costliest hindi film ever, and It looked every bit of it. Biggest hit of the year, sweeping all awards too. Only god knows if deservingly.
Oh by the way, Did it also go to the Cannes ??

Dil Hai Tumhara
This was the first nail on the coffin of a genius that Kundan Shah was. It had Awesome music and equally aweful screenplay. Preity’s curls, dimples and giggles didn’t help much.

Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar
Didnt make much of a difference beyond paying a worthy tribute to Pancham Da.

Satya’s protagonist made this, touting it as an unofficial sequel to Satya. One didn’t even realise when it released. Quite literally.

Ek Chhoti si Love Story
Manisha was secretly shot half-naked and the world (atleast the darker sex!) went oooh!
It also probably set the trend for films to look for some controvery to gather publicity.

Ek Hindustani
No wonder It got lost in the crowd.

Encounter – the Killing
Between Mirch Masala and Jaane tu, We had to opportunity to see both stalwart Shahs in one film. Nothing special otherwise.

Was in news for its sensitive topic. Also, Sushmita probably won her only award (Zee cine, I guess) besides Miss Universe.

Excuse me ??

Gautam Govinda
I think it released way back in late 70s. Atleast it seems to.

Haan Maine Bhi Pyaar Kiya
Suneil Darshan restated Films don’t get tackier if he’s around. Abhishek and Akshay together, for those who want a reason (any goddamn reason!!) to watch this.

Vaastav’s sequel. Wasn’t one-forth (to be precise) as hard-hitting. Shilpa Shetty had two sizzling item songs however.

Hum Kisise Kam Nahi
Absolutely David, when it comes to wasting such talent at one’s disposal. (Amitabh, Ajay, Sanju and Ash in this case)

Hum Pyaar Kisise Kar Baithe
This was to break the myth not all Rajshri love childs are family oriented. Twas flop, period.

Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam
Outdated like hell, but still had its charms. SRK, Sallu and Madhuri for their urban fans and insightful conceits like ‘Gale mein Lal Tai’ for Bihar-UP.

When not with greater actors, Akshaye (Khanna, mind you) too knew how to steal shows. Abbas-Mustan with yet another ‘Inspiration’ from Hollywood. Ameesha too recuperated somewhat from the Jhatkas like 'Kranti' and 'Aap mujhe….'

Jaani Dushman
Saw it in Bus on my way to Kodai Konal. Felt like vomiting soon. And it wasn’t the weather or altitude, pleeease.

Jeena sirf Mere Liye
Saw it for Bebo dahling, who had uncannily similar face cut with my then-beloved. Now don’t hit me for liking it somewhat, with all its irritating of clich├ęs.

Six men. One betrayal. And One helluva Manly Exciting film.

Kehta Hai Dil Baar Baar
I remember it released towards the end of the year, and bombed like 90% of the films released that year, starred Jimmy Shergill and Kim Sharma.
I was surprised when same maker went on to make a very-gritty Parzania.

Kitne Door Kitne Paas
It’d have been more fruitful for Mehul Kumar to open a wood factory with raw stock in the forms of Fardeen Khan and Amrita Arora. Wonder why he chose to make film.
It was the latter’s first film by the way.

Koi Mere Dil Se Pooche
Another debut (gawd!), this time of the dream girl’s daughter Esha. Was nothing short of a nightmare though, with Aftab as a cherry on the top.

After watching Bobby in promos as an upright cop in a seemingly action flick mouthing lines like ‘Faisla. On the Spot’, my decision of not giving a try was just that - ‘On the Spot’

Kuch Tum Kaho Kuch Hum Kahein
A nice little family entertainer with its share of flaws. Also, a miracle happened during its shooting, as Fardeen came to life and actually acted!

Kya Yehi Pyaar Hai
This one falls in the league of So-so. Not bad, especially in the year that otherwise had mostly outright forgettable flicks.

Kya Dil ne Kahaa
The only thing I remember about it its songs which I somewhat liked then, except for ‘Nikamma’ which co-incidentally topped charts for many weeks.

Lal Salaam

Maa Tujhe Salaam
Was supposed to resurrect Arbaaz’s career. Also had Sunny with his shouting-patriotism best, with Tabu as a shocking addition doing an item number in Kashmir.

We are talking of 2002 bro, not 1949.

Maine Dil Tujhko Diya
Talking of Khan Brothers and their careers, Sohail decide to start his co-incidentally giving a break to Sameera Reddy, who’d later merely end up jumping in the bandwagon of the sexy-non performer damsels.

Contrary to popular opinion, It was not a children film. The Balaji soap little girl Shweta Prasad gave a sparkling performance. She’d later give stiff competition to Naseer saab in steal-the-show act in Iqbal.

Was promoted as a Suneil Shetty film, where it ended up being something else altogether. I can just recollect a song ‘Pangaa na le na le na le’
No wonder Audience decided to skip the panga, and stayed away from the theatres.

Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
For once, Yash Raj was inspired from west and it was the Brightest example of Plagiarism, with even the title not being spared. Only the genders were exchanged, and more suitably the climax too. It had hummable music though.

Mujhse Dosti Karoge
With this one, YRF set another milestone with the label ‘Old botel, Old wine’. It also added another flop to Roshan jnr’s already flagging career, making his saleability more dubious.

Na Tum Jaano na Hum
Talking of Hrithik and Old Wine, This had a new bottle which didn’t help however.

Om Jai Jagdish
Anupam Kher’s directorial debut was panned like no other film that year. Such mammoth star cast proved to be of no use.

Pardesi Re
Have very vague memories. I will take a guess – It had Sharbani Mukherjee (yeaah, Rani’s li’l sister who wept and wept in Border) in a princess’ role. Who cares ??

Came and went. Period.

Pyar Diwana Hota Hai
3rd film with Govinda and Rani together,which flopped as badly as the other two. What else can be said about a movie where Govinda cuts his tongue to punish himself for a lie??

In the title tole, Aftab features as a man who’d do anything for money. It also had Miss world Yuktaa Mookhey, who later had to resort to cut ribbons to make her ends meet.
Anything else ??

Pyar KI Dhun
I don’t remember any such tunes, sorry.

The first and one of the Two real box-office successes of the year. It Catapulted Bipasha and Vikram Bhatt to a higher league, though the latter came crashing down very soon. Had ultra-chart buster songs by Nadeem-Shravan, playing literally everywhere for those 4 months.

Promos featured Anil in a seemingly career-defining role, but eventually took him no where. Shilpa probably stole the thunder with her sassy small town girl act.

Lost its way somewhere after interval, though Manoj Bajpai didn’t. Another of Ramu ji’s ‘Experimental’ ventures before he lost his way himself.

A remake actually, but was still like a whiff of fresh air. Took Rani to A-League, and well Rahman ?? He couldn’t go any higher anyways.

Did it have Gurdas Mann by any chance ?? I feel like it did. Or am I confusing this with Boota Singh ??

Shakti the Power
SRK seemed to have a major role among Lolo and Nana when it was a 15-min cameo. 'Ishq Kameena' was scorching hot though.

A lesser known of 16 Legendary flops Abhishek Bachchan had before he came to his own. Also had a certain Hrishita Bhatt who now features in flicks like Deshdrohi.

It had Sanjay Kapoor and Raveena Tandon, I think. Nothing else memorable than a song ‘Nikal chali re’.

Two debuts – Lucky Ali and Gauri Karnik, which eventually rose no further. Tanuja Chandra registered another disaster to her credit despite making a sincere effort, as always.

The Legend of Bhagat Singh
One of the most unfortunate flops in the history of contemporary hindi cinema, thanks to the spate of Bhagat singh films that all came at same time. Devgan deserved a National award anyways.

Some arty film it is probably. No clue.

Tumse Achcha Kaun Hai
It made the debut of a certain Young lad who was quite popular in Music videos with Aarti Chabria (who featured with him in one of those popular vidoes). All those popular songs (esp. 'Aankh hai Bhari Bhari') didnt even help it fetch a decent response at FF.

Tumko na Bhool Payenge
The bags below Salman’s eyes were as visible as the lack of any intelligence that went behind making this movie. A hopeless venture it was.

Did it have Nana Patekar and Anupama Varma ?? I think so.

Waah Kya Tera Kehna
A Govinda-style comedy with Yash raj style locales. Certainly a Bad combination.

Yeh Dil Aashiqana
Making a mediocre film like this work - This is what Nadeem-Shravan’s music is capable of. A sleeper hit in the January winters, taking everyone by surprise.

Yeh Hai Jalwa
Another of 3 disasters that Dhawan had that year. No wonder he takes atleast an year to make a film now a days.

Yeh Kaisi Mohabbat
It made Govinda’s Nephew’s debut – that’s all I can recollect besides the catchy title song.

Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai
A sex comedy lifted from American Pie series, making itself too obscene for the audience out here. Shankar Ehsaan Loy gave nice songs, which obviously got over looked (unfortunately, All of them!)

Yeh Mohabbat Hai
Cant construct any concrete images.

Zindagi Khoobsurat Hai
Said to be (and most definitely is) a rip-off of the Hollywood classic 'Life is Beautiful. Tabu was probably the only redeemable thing about it.

16th December
Generated some news because of its gizmos and action, but fizzed out eventually. As far as I can recollect, It had Gulshan Grover in more than two roles. Any one interested ??

23rd March 1931 Shaheed
The culprit behind the failure of a classic that Santoshi made around same legend. Deol brothers couldn’t ignite half as passion and pathos as Devgan did alone. Anyways…..

Fingers Crossed. Hope You are not drained as yet, and have enough strenght to click on the comments section, and leave a comment. Thanks :D